Understand the true value of your business and formulate a plan to grow that value using a proven and differentiated process

Access to data is essential to determine actionable insights in almost every facet of life today. A plethora of tools and technologies are available to facilitate an accurate prescription of actions to be taken in almost every context.

The challenge is compliance. It’s relatively easy to produce a to do list, but not always as easy to take all the steps required to tick those actions off the list.

 Businesses large and small are placing an ever-increasing emphasis on collecting and analysing data but, more often than not, they focus on analyses of historical operational and financial business performance.

Obviously, such outputs are important in determining whether a business is on track, and they contribute to understanding the potential value of a business from an accounting perspective.


However, the reality is many SMB owners don’t understand the true value of their company, nor do they have a plan to secure their share of that value for themselves at some juncture.

Cantava exists to transform the outlook for SMB owners.


Certified to access data relating to more than 67,000 business exits, across many sectors, and using the proven Value Builder System™️ to assess the value of a business, the Cantava team is able to describe ways to increase and unlock value.